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July 09th 2024

Beat the Odds! How to Groove in Odd Meters [Guitar-Nerdery 014 ENHANCED]

Rhythm and Sole: Learn to Prog! A Guitarist’s Guide to Grooving in Odd Time Signatures!

Guitar-Nerdery 014 (ENHANCED VERSION)
This is a completely revised re-release of my early 14th guitar tutorial on this channel! (Enhanced Quality of Picture, Audio & Edits + Additional On-Screen Features)

Not only in my former video, I always advice to get used to practice with a metronome and tap along with your foot, making a part of your body connected and glued together with the beat! I guess everyone starts in 4/4 time signature, but the big question arises when it comes to Odd Time Signatures. How can you tap your foot here, what strategy makes sense? To put it bluntly, there is no such thing as THE solution, but in this video I'd like to give you a comprehensive demonstration of my strategy for getting the right groove feeling in different Odd Time Signatures.

July 03rd 2024

The Metronome: The Hidden Truth Behind Guitar Success [Guitar-Nerdery 013 ENHANCED]

No Metronome, No Mastery: The Non-Negotiable Tool for Guitar Progress

Guitar-Nerdery 013 (ENHANCED VERSION)
This is a completely revised re-release of my early 13th guitar tutorial on this channel!(Enhanced Quality of Picture, Audio, Edits and Additional On-Screen Metronome)

It's all about the rhythm! Whether you are a rhythm or solo guitarist, instrumentalist or singer - there is no difference in dealing with rhythm. The number of notes or chords doesn't matter at all if the rhythm isn't right. The metronome is the ideal partner right from the start to build up a secure and precise sense of timing. What can initially feel like an enemy quickly becomes a best friend for life!

Beat The Boring: Master Vital Strumming Grooves with Irish Triplets [Guitar-Nerdery 030 ENHANCED]

Elevate your rhythm skills: Learn an Irish Strumming Technique that opens doors to worlds of new, creative and fantastic grooves!

Guitar-Nerdery 030 (ENHANCED VERSION)
This is a completely revised re-release of my 30th guitar tutorial on this channel. While the guitar recordings were fine, something went wrong with the recording of my speaking at the time. I was able to improve the audio quality a bit, but more so the sound of the guitar, as well as the picture quality. Additional on-screen info and tighter scene editing will help you understand better.

In this video I first show you an important rhythm exercise, the 16th note off-beat training. This is followed by a series of rhythm exercises in which I adapt an Irish triplet strumming technique to 16th notes. By also making subdivisions of a 4/4 bar and therefore not playing with a constant alternate strumming technique, super interesting and inspiring grooves come to life. Difficult to explain, better watch it right away and be inspired!

June 09th 2024

EXCEPTIONAL ARPEGGIOS that Shine in the Spotlight

Discover the Extraordinary Power of Shred with String Skipping Arpeggios

This is a completely revised re-release of one of my very first guitar tutorials on this channel. The recordings were made with the integrated camera microphone and the audio quality was accordingly poor. I have improved the audio quality as much as I could and also the picture quality. In addition, new graphics help you learn the arpeggio fingerings.

I'll show you some great arpeggios played with the string skipping technique. The hybrid picking technique is a good partner here. There are many ways to play arpeggios on the guitar and the fingering is crucial for what you can do with them. These string-skipping arpeggios make it possible to implement totally crazy rhythmic ideas and phrasing. I wish you lots of fun!

May 24th 2024

Play All 7 Modes [Guitar-Nerdery 107 ENHANCED]

One Scale (Shape) / Seven Marvelous Sounds! "The Hirajoshi Scale is the Most Versatile Pentatonic Scale I know! It's So Simple, Why Didn't I See This Sooner?"

Guitar-Nerdery 107 [Enhanced Version]

In Guitar-Nerdery Episode 106 I've shown you a nice sounding Japanese Pentatonic Scale, the Hirajoshi Scale. When I looked into it again, I had a spontaneous inspiration. I can't believe I didn't think of it straight away. If the Hirajoshi can be regarded as part of the Phrygian scale, then it is obvious that it can also be used to play the other six modes (Church Modes / Church Scales) of the Ionian System. I was curious to see whether the Hirajoshi Scale would also cover the important notes that the special sound of each mode requires. Yes, wow, even though two notes are missing, because it is a pentatonic, but in every mode this Japanese Scale cuts an amazingly fantastic figure. All modes work and even in a wonderful way, because the missing notes give all the others a special emphasis and you play the modes differently than usual. Totally cool!

In this improved video I show you, with the help of many scale diagrams, how you can use this wonderful Japanese Scale, the Hirajoshi Scale, to play all seven modes. The best thing is, it's totally easy. I only use one diagonal scale diagram to play everything. This scale pattern is also totally symmetrical, so it's easy to remember, and covers three octaves. A guitar with 24 frets has four octaves, so you can get really far with three octaves! Have fun!

May 12th 2024

ALL MODES BACKING TRACK (Key A Atmospheric Rock)
Sonic Remix in Logical Order

This ALL MODES BACKING TRACK is the Ultimate Practice and Experience Tool to understand the REAL SOUND (Difference) of Modal Scales, with your fingers and your ears! It is the same Backing Track I use for demonstration in my tutorial
Guitar-Nerdery 161.

1st Round: Lydian - Ionian - Mixolydian - Dorian - Aeolian - Phrygian - Locrian
2nd Round: Locrian - Phrygian - Aeolian - Dorian - Mixolydian - Ionian - Lydian

What it's about / description:
When you first learn about the modes (church modes), it's always about their origins, that all notes of the major scale (ionian scale) can act as independent fundamental notes, and that from their respective point of view, the semitone steps within the scale each take on a different position. This results in 7 differently structured scales, the modes, which also all sound different. To experience the real difference in sound, it makes sense to play all scales from the same root note (here Root A), and this is exactly what happens in this Backing Track. But that's not all, because I haven't arranged the modes in the same way as they are created, but according to intervals and therefore also according to sound!

The Backing Track begins with the mode that contains the largest intervals, the Lydian mode. The transition to the next modes is made by decreasing a single interval at a time until the seventh mode, Locrian, with the smallest intervals of all, is reached. Each mode is played for 16 bars, which should be enough to build up a feel for the sound and then experience how changing a single interval affects it. After the seventh Locrian mode, after counting in again, there is everything again, in reverse, from Locrian to Lydian.

The order of the modes is shown in real time on the display, including the notes contained in each mode. In addition, a Scale Pattern is displayed for each mode if you don't have your own to play along with the backing track, but also to visualize the metamorphosis through all modes for better understanding.

Enjoy and have fun!
Cheers, Benjamin

May 5th 2024

(Use Scales as Colors) [Guitar-Nerdery 161]

Incl. FINAL EPIC GUITAR SOLO (which puts this New Approach to the test), because in the end it's the ear that decides how it sounds!

The Modes Reimagined - The Modes in a New Logical Order:
This video is a comprehensive guide that looks at the concept of the modes (on the guitar), their structure and how they relate to each other. I deal with the sonic world of the modes, which offer a wide range of sonic possibilities, a MUST KNOW for guitarists / musicians who want to develop their ability to play diverse and expressive solos, melodies and chord progressions.

The modal scales within a key are essentially created by using the same notes, but each with a different starting point. This respective starting point changes the arrangement of the whole and half steps within the scale, which is the reason for the different sounds of the modes. Using the notes of the Ionian scale (the major scale) as a reference scale, the following modes are created: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian. The development of this order is purely technical in nature, but has no relation to a logical order of sounds. And that's exactly what this Guitar-Nerdery episode 161 is all about! I start each individual mode from the same root note and thus deprive them of any reference to a common key. This makes the different sounds honest and obvious. Subsequently, I arrange the modes differently, logically according to the size of the musical intervals they contain.

My very personal experience is that the modes then also follow a logical sequence in terms of sound. The larger the intervals, the more open and brighter the sound. But as I said, this is my own personal perception! The finale of the tutorial consists of an extensive improvisation over a specially compiled backing track that runs through all the modes in the new order. I would be very interested to hear whether you perceive this in the same way as I do and would be delighted to receive your feedback!

I hope you enjoy my sound journey!

April 28th 2024

Mastering the LOCRIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery 160]

April 21st 2024

Mastering the AEOLIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery 159]

April 14th 2024

Mastering the MIXOLYDIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery 158]

April 7th 2024

Mastering the LYDIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery 157]

April 1st 2024

Mastering the PHRYGIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery 156]

March 26th 2024

Mastering the IONIAN MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery]

Get the max out of the Ionian Scale / Mode with this Guitar Tutorial! The Ionian Scale is commonly refered as THE Major Scale. Learn how to play chord progressions, that perfectly reproduces, not just Major, but the true sound of the Ionian Mode. I call this concept the Frank Gambale Method. Frank Gambale, an incredible Jazz Fusion Guitarist released a VHS guitar tutorial way back in time, where he explained his concept, and this had a great impact on me and my understanding of the church modes. In this video I'll make a quick analysis of the scale, show you a scale shape to start with and in the main part, I'll share this awesome concept of Frank Gambale which makes use, in a clever way, of the Principle of Exclusion. 6 more videos about those other modes will follow weekly. The episode about the second mode Dorian is already up!

Watch also:
Mastering the Dorian MODE / The Sound, Scale & Chords
(Frank Gambale Method) [Guitar-Nerdery]

February 29th 2024

Benjamin Schippritt / Electric-Free Extravaganza
(Acoustic-Hard-Melodic Rock) [Official EP Stream]

February 28th 2024

Benjamin Schippritt / BEDHEAD
(Electric-Free Extravaganza / Official Audio)

February 27th 2024

Benjamin Schippritt / CHICKBAG
(Electric-Free Extravaganza / Official Audio)

February 26th 2024

Benjamin Schippritt / BILLY THE KID
(Electric-Free Extravaganza / Official Audio)

BILLY THE KID is (HARD) ROCK UNPLUGGED! This was a fun experiment of mine. About 20 years ago in 2005, during a vacation in Sweden, I wrote 3 songs with the idea of playing hard rock songs on acoustic guitar instead of electric guitar, unplugged style. As soon as I got back home, I produced the tunes completely on my own. I played the acoustic guitars with the heart and attitude of a rock electric guitarist. Apart from posting them on Soundcloud, I didn't do much else with them. Later, the song CHICKBAG found its way onto the third Junk Farm album DIDN'T COME TO DANCE in a slightly different way. Much later I had the idea to remix the songs and now, again much later, I suddenly realized that the songs are damn fun to listen to and I don't want to keep that from you! I again did a complete new remaster. Enjoy my song BILLY THE KID with the freshness of today!

February 19th 2024

Dominant 7 Chords / Game-Changing Techniques Every Guitarist Should Know
(Guitar-Nerdery 153)

Chord Knowledge for Instant Use! Learn about and Master Primary Dominant 7 Chords, Secondary Dominant 7 Chords, and Tritone Substitutes. Improve your chord progressions by adding excitement, tension and direction. A Dive into 3 Essential Strategies of how to use Dominant 7 Chords!

January 26th 2024

Creative Tapping Technique / 15 Licks, Tricks & Exercises (Ultimate Shred)
(Guitar-Nerdery 152)

Welcome to my new Guitar Nerdery episode, packed full with tapping goodies and perfect for some awesome shredding! When I kicked off my guitar tutorial series many years ago, one of the early episodes was about the tapping technique. Back then I explained that I didn't actually use this playing technique that actively anymore, but that I had activated it for the video. Looking back, this tutorial was also inspiring for me, because it triggered the idea of delving deeper into it again. Now, many years later, this playing technique has once again become an integral part of my game and I wouldn't want to be without it. Accordingly, there are numerous tapping videos in the arsenal of my Guitar-Nerdery series. In this informative, but also entertaining video, I have put together 15 YouTube SHORTS videos with tapping licks, tricks and exercises that are firmly in my playing vocabulary and that I would like to share with you!

January 14th 2024

Master 24 Days of Guitar / A Compilation of Utterly Useful Licks Tips & Tricks
(Guitar-Nerdery 151)

Welcome and Happy New Year! A couple of days ago I started 2024 with a new Guitar-Nerdery episode 151:

'Master 24 Days of Guitar: A Compilation of Utterly Useful Licks, Tips & Tricks' is an all-in-one guitar lesson that offers a wealth of knowledge for guitar enthusiasts. This video is my SHORTS Advent Calendar 2023, 24 episodes on 24 days, coming together in one super tutorial compilation. The lessons are designed to be inspiring and cut-to-the-chase, making them perfect for guitarists who want to learn new licks, tips, and tricks in a short amount of time. The video covers a wide range of topics. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this tutorial offers something for everyone. So, grab your guitar, tune in, and let's master 24 days of guitar!

This was 2023

December 31st 2023

Shred the Year Down! 4 Amazing Hot Guitar Licks to Rock Out
(Guitar-Nerdery 150)

Welcome to SHRED THE YEAR DOWN, my Guitar-Nerdery episode 150! It's a compilation of a special series of shreddy Shorts guitar tutorials. As we counted down the last four days of 2023, each day unveiled a new episode featuring electrifying shred guitar licks. These short and sweet lessons are not just about improving your guitar skills, but also about finding distraction and joy after a challenging year. So, grab your guitar, tune in, let's shred the last breaths of 2023 to pieces and welcome a hopeful new year by having fun!

December 1st 2023

My Guitar Advent Calendar 2023 has been launched!

Welcome to the third season of my Guitar-Nerdery Advent Calendar 2023! As with the previous times, you will find a daily shorts guitar tutorial on my YouTube channel, starting December 1st until December 24th (because I'm German and Christmas Eve is the day of presents in our country). I didn't plan too much in advance and instead let myself be guided by spontaneity and fun. To be precise, I turned on the camera, recording equipment and lights and improvised on the guitar for a while before each session. If I then came across something while playing that seemed interesting to show you, I recorded it straight away. I hope you like this year's Guitar Advent Calendar and that there are lots of interesting ideas for you. You'll find each upcoming episode in my YouTube Shorts Tutorials Playlist!

November 27th 2023

(Standard E Tuning + Drop D Tuning)

In this video, I'm diving into the timeless skill of tuning your guitar by ear. Now, you might be wondering, with the convenience of digital tuners, is it still worthwhile to learn this traditional method? The answer is a resounding, YES! While digital tuners have revolutionized the ease and accuracy of tuning, learning to tune by ear offers an unrivaled connection with your instrument, enhancing your musicality and ear training abilities. By mastering this technique, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the guitar's acoustic properties, enabling you to adapt to different playing environments and even tune up without relying on external devices.

October 29th 2023

Pedal Tone A Backing Tracks / PLAYLIST
(for Direct Comparison of the Modes)

Discover the Captivating World of Sounds of the Modes! These are seven pedal tone backing tracks with the same root and beat, but different chords. Each covers one of the seven modes of the Ionian System. The idea of keeping the groove and root the same is to make a comparison as linear as possible, since different rhythms and tempos also have an influence on the mood and vibe, for those not yet familiar with the different sounds of the modes.

Aeolian - Dark & Melancholic
Locrian -Dark & Sinister
Ionian - Happy & Bright
Dorian - Melancholic & Mystical
Phrygian - mysterious, dark, exotic
Lydian - bright and uplifting mystery
Mixolydian - bluesy and soulful

October 10th 2023

MASTER & CREATE Captivating DUAL GUITAR MELODIES with Ease (Beginners/Beyond) Guitar-Nerdery 148
(Guitar-Nerdery 147)

Double Voiced Melodies for two guitars Made Easy with this awesome Trick! This in-depth guitar tutorial reveals one of the very strong points of using 3-notes-per-string scale shapes. Because of their symetric build, they are utterly suitable to arrange Dual Guitar Parts in an instant! This video is jam-packed with easy-to-follow demonstrations, allowing you to effortlessly create awe-inspiring melodies with not one, but TWO guitars.

September 22nd 2023

Mastering Beautiful Intervals: Exploring Sixths in Multiple Positions & Modes
(Guitar-Nerdery 147)

Unleash the hidden magic of the sixth interval as you dive into various positions and modes, learning how to effortlessly create stunning sonic landscapes!

In this guitar tutorial I delve into the fascinating world of sixth intervals and how to incorporate them into your playing. In numerous demonstrations (covering all church modes) I give you a listening impression of how the sixth intervals unfold in different tonal contexts. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and let's explore those marvelous sixths!

September 12th 2023

MASTERING MELODIC INTERVALS: Effortlessly Find and Play 6ths in Any Position
(Guitar-Nerdery 146)

This Guitar Nerdery epidode focuses on mastering extremely melodic intervals, the sixth intervals. Find and play these sixths in a super simple and effortless way in any position on your guitar. In a clear way, using many clear diagrams, I show how you can quickly recognize and execute these melodic intervals.

September 1st 2023

Prog Metal Stream: ZPAWN Unreleased Recordings ft. Benjamin Schippritt
(Powerful, Heavy & Beautiful)

ZPAWN - Benjamin Schippritt's former Metal Fusion Band - A MUST LISTEN for lovers of powerful, playful, virtuosic, heavy and beautiful Progressive Rock Music!

Benjamin Schippritt - guitars & vocals
Jörg Hartig - guitars
Ulf Stricker - drums
Matthias Bangert - bass

Rediscovered, unreleased Recordings & Demos
All music and lyrics in this song selection is composed by Benjamin Schippritt
Recorded by ZPAWN in 2005 / 2000

The band ZPAWN was originally formed as a coaching ensemble during the studies at the Music Conservatory in Arnhem in the Netherlands around the year 2000. After graduation we decided to continue, because the chemistry was just right and the band was a musical platform where everyone found fulfillment. In the following years we played live and worked hard on new material for a two hour show. When we finally started recording our material for promotional purposes in 2005, unfortunate developments led to the band breaking up. Jörg and I were the main songwriters and I used some ideas of my Zpawn songs for my other band JUNK FARM. It would have been a waste to just let them gather dust. (All JUNK FARM fans among you should recognize it immediately, if you listen to the ZPAWN recordings ;-) ) Recently I rummaged through my old stuff and found those ZPAWN recordings again. Listening through I had incredible fun. ZPAWN was in my opinion a real treat and I decided to finally do the recordings all the honor, and to provide them here, for you all. These eight tracks are all exclusively from my pen and are by no means all from our repertoire. However, some recordings were incomplete and besides, I would like to keep my YouTube channel free from any difficulties related to copyright. So here is a selection of my contributions to this great band. I hope you have fun with the songs and that would make me retrospectively very happy!

Cheers, Benjamin

August 3rd 2023

Mastering Key Changes - The Ultimate Exercise to Becoming a PRO Improviser
(Guitar-Nerdery 145)

This exercise is incredible effective to learn to deal with key changes when soloing!

July 10th 2023

Prog Guitar Solo - SUPER MELODIC PLAY in 5/8 Time & How to Approach Odd Meters (Guitar-Nerdery 144)

Playing in odd time signatures is a lot of fun! Here I first improvise over my recently provided backing track in E-Dorian mode & 5/8 time, with the main goal to inspire you for odd time signatures. I then talk in detail about my thoughts, insights and approach to odd meters.

July 4th 2023

An Emotional Guitar Improvisation: Exploring the Possibilities of 7/8 TIME
(Guitar-Nerdery 143)

This video focuses on the exploration and utilization of the 7/8 time signature, adding a unique and intriguing element to the musical composition. Here I'm improvising over an A Aeolian backing track in 7/8 time that I've recently added to my backing tracks playlist. After the jam I'm also explaining my view and thoughts about learning to play in odd meters, exploring the unique rhythmic qualities of the 7/8 time signature, making it a potential valuable resource for us guitar enthusiasts and musicians.

June 29th 2023

I have three news to report, because I did not have time to update this page for a while. A new detailed tutorial, Guitar-Nerdery 142, deals with diminished basic tetrad chords as dominant substitutes. It may sound a bit nerdy now, but it's quite simple, very interesting and useful!

Furthermore I produced two super melodic backing tracks in odd time signatures. It's a lot of fun to jam to them and rhythmically they are kept so clear that even the beginner can dare to enter the prog rock genre.

Diminished & Dominant 7th Chords Can Be The Same! (Guitar-Nerdery 142)
Instant Chord Enrichment

The cure for boring chord progressions! Diminished Chords can be used to substitute Dominant 7th Chords! Because Full Diminished Chords are symetric chords, they and all their chord inversions look the same and are incredible easy to learn. It will take only a couple of minutes to learn this and will enrich your chord vocabulary in an instant!

BACKING TRACK in E Dorian Minor / ODD METER 5/8th (Spheric Melodic Rock Style)

Train your Prog Rock Soloing! I've made the track really melodic and kept the 5/8 rhythm simple for maximum fun and little confusion.

Tips for beginners: If you have not much experience of how to approach an odd time signature like this 5/8 - you can of course count to 5, but that's not the common way to do. In general making subdivisions is the way. For this track it makes sense to divide 5 eighth notes into alternating 2 and 3. If you are also not familiar with the key of E Dorian Minor (the second mode of the D Ionian system), then you can simply start using the E Minor pentatonic scale for improvising. While the essential and beautiful notes are missing, so are the ones that could possibly be wrong! ;-)

I hope you like it and have fun! Cheers, Benjamin

BACKING TRACK in A Aeolian (Natural) Minor / ODD METER 7/8th (Melodic and Emotional Heavy Rock Style)

Train your Prog Rock Soloing! I've made the track really melodic and kept the 7/8 rhythm simple for maximum fun and little confusion.

Tips for beginners: If you have not much experience of how to approach an odd time signature like this 7/8 - you can of course count to 7, but that's not the common way to do. In general making subdivisions is the way. For this track it makes sense to divide 7 eighth notes into alternating 4 and 3. I even make finer subdivisions in 16th notes, counting 4,4,3,3! If you are also not familiar with the key of A Aeolian Minor (also called A Natural Minor), the sixth mode of the C Ionian system, then you can simply start using the A Minor pentatonic scale for improvising. While the essential and beautiful notes are missing, so are the ones that could possibly be wrong! ;-)

May 14th 2023

AN EYE FOR AN EYE (Junk Farm) Full Guitar Playthrough / Benjamin Schippritt
(13/16 Prog Rock/Metal)

April 11th 2023

PARTYMANIAC (Junk Farm) Guitar Playthrough / Benjamin Schippritt (Freaky Funky Country Fusion Rock)

March 28th 2023

TRITONE SUBSTITUTES, All You Need To Know! (Guitar-Nerdery 141)
All You Need To Know! (easy learn / immediate use)

Each dominant 7 chord can be substituted by its partner in crime! This is very easy to understand and in no time you'll gain lots of possibilities when arranging chords.

March 16th 2023

ALL ABOUT MELODIC MINOR (Guitar-Nerdery 140)
the Origin Story, Scale Shapes, its 7 Modes and Sound

Melodic Minor for Guitarists! First I am going to explain what Melodic Minor is and then how to play it on the guitar with 3-Notes-Per-String scale shapes. Finally I'm going to explain and demonstrate the sound of all seven modes of the Melodic Minor System. A whole new world of stunning sounds!

March 10th 2023

Killer Fast BACKING TRACK in C# Minor, Rock/Funk (Guitar-Nerdery)

Jam along with Benjamin! Use this awesome sounding & grooving backing track to practice fast and slow melodic playing - everything goes! It covers eight rounds in fast funky rock style and modulates from C# dorian, to aeolian and phrygian minor.

February 23th 2023

Great CHORDS- & SCALES-Test (Guitar-Nerdery 139)
Which Belong Together? Let's Get After It!

This is a grand show and tell about the relationship between chords and scales. I'm going to tell you about the priciple of exclusion, about how the amount of information in chords and scales defines what fits together. But I'm not only telling you music theoretical things - above all this is a huge demonstration, making theory audible. After all, in my opinion, music must be understood with the ear!

February 12th 2023

The SOUNDING vs WRITTEN RANGE of the GUITAR (Guitar-Nerdery 138)
Good To Know Music Theory

Did you know that the guitar is a transposed instrument in writing? I'm going to explain this, not unimportant issue. Straight forward, compact and with lots of clear graphics!

February 6th 2023

The CIRCLE Of 5THs (Guitar-Nerdery 137)
explained in a simple, clear and Guitarist-Compatible way

January 14th 2023

MODES VISUALIZED (Guitar-Nerdery 136)
The Master Key for Instant Understanding!

The differences between all minor & major modes (of the ionian system), visualized on the the guitar fretboard. The easiest (probably the only) way to instantly understand music and music theory!

January 04th 2023

Complementary Intervals (Guitar-Nerdery 135)
The Clever Trick To Find Intervals In All Directions!

This time I'm going to show you a clever way how to memorize, detect or identify intervals on the fretboard even faster and in all directions, using the knowledge of complementary intervals!


BENJAMIN SCHIPPRITT is an enthusiastic and passionate musician since 1983. His main instruments and base of musical thinking are the electric and western acoustic guitar, but he also enjoys singing and playing electric bass guitar, as well as producing, recording and mixing music in his studio. Spending a whole lifetime around his guitar, developing a virtuos playing style and completing a full-time jazz guitar study at the Institute for the Arts in The Netherlands, he always got a strong beating heart for rock music. His creative song-writing and contributions cover many different styles of music and manage to perfectly fit that rocking attitude. Besides being a live- and studio-musician, he's utterly passionate about guitar teaching.

How it all started and went on

Born in Gelsenkirchen, a town in the industrial Ruhr district in western Germany, BENJAMIN started playing electric guitar at the age of 11 in 1983 when he lived in Hamburg. First inspired by Angus Young of AC/DC, in the mid 80s he was really blown away by guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore, and practiced many hours a day. Very soon he formed his first hard rock schoolbands called FLANGER and HARD NOISE, and also a family band, with his father on bass guitar and mother on drums. In 1987 he started to record his first instrumental demo tape on a 4-track multitrack-recorder.

Moving back to the Ruhr district, in 1990 BENJAMIN became a member of rock band SHINE DARK from Gladbeck for a short period of time. A year later his own heavy metal band TAILGUNNER was formed. They played lots of gigs in the Ruhr district and they won several band contests. A production of an album, which unfortunately never was completed followed. In 1993 those unfinished recordings however accidentally ended up in the hands of JÖRG MICHAEL, drummer of the German metal-band RUNNING WILD. At that time he was in the recording studio with his Art-Metal side-project HOUSE OF SPIRITS, recording an album and they were looking for a guitar player. BENJAMIN joined the band and recorded two studio albums with them, besides working as a studio guitarist.

In 1994 he recorded a 5-songs instrumental demo tape with his 8-track tape reel machine, and got jazz-guitar lessons from German guitarist ANDREAS WAHL. In 1996 he started a fulltime jazz-study at the INSTITUTE FOR THE ARTS ARNHEM in The Netherlands. BENJAMIN's guitar teachers were ONNO KELK and FRANK SICHMANN and he learned more than he could ever imagine he would. During this time he was guitarist and composer of the projects LE VOYAGE NOIR (acoustic folk/pop), and ELVISBOY (hard rock). ELVISBOY recorded a complete album BETTER LEARN MY NAME of which BENJAMIN was the guitarist, bass-player, composer, arranger, producer and engineer.

During his study in Arnhem, he founded the METAL-FUSION band ZPAWN with other students. In 2001 BENJAMIN also formed the FUSION TRIO FROM HELL - JUNK FARM and started with the idea to become also the vocalist of both bands. In 2005 Zpawn broke up, because none could find enough time to keep it going.

Junk Farm had the opportunity to support prog-metal-bands FATES WARNING and FREAK KITCHEN in 2005. In 2007 BENJAMIN signed at UNICORN DIGITAL INC., a Canadian progressive rock label, for a worldwide release of the Junk Farm album UGLY LITTLE THING. In 2009 they published their 2nd album DIDN'T COME TO DANCE.

Since 2010 BENJAMIN lives in the Netherlands. Over the whole time BENJAMIN has given lots of guitar lessons and loves the opportunity to impart his knowledge about what you can do with six "magic" strings and his passion for music. Always amazed by realizing, that a lifetime is not enough to learn to play everything on that fantastic instrument.

Since 2017 Benjamin produces and composes for his guitar-collaboration project, New String Theory. In summer 2018 he started a YouTube guitar tutorial series:

Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery



SHRED COLLAB Chapter One (Official Music Video)

Benjamin Schippritt and Adrian Weiss
I'm very happy to present this new finished project of mine. I teamed up with amazing guitar player and friend ADRIAN WEISS for a shreddy video production. The idea was born a few months ago, during another Covid lockdown in the late spring of 2021. Adrian and me had a lot of online conversations throughout the whole pandemic, keeping each others mood up by talking about guitar, music and concepts. There was no other way that this would lead to the idea recording some music together. When I asked him if he would like to contribute his soloing skills to a track of mine, he's been all for it. His incredible solo works he then added to the song made me absolutely happy!

So, here it is! An all guitar solo melodic rock instrumental tune featuring Adrian and me having tremendously joy about playing guitar and making music together.

Acoustified EP

Acoustified EP (Complete Playthroughs)

Benjamin Schippritt on Solo Acoustic Guitar
Having been tremendously inspired by Tommy Emmanuel's music I wrote these acoustic tunes many years ago and also did video recordings. For the first two songs I've used the integrated, rather poor sounding camera microphone. I decided to do new recordings with an audio quality these songs deserve. Having set up all recording equipment the decision to record them other three tunes was easily made. This time I've used 5 microphones in conjunction with very good mic preamps to capture all details and nuances and I'm very satisfied with the result!

When I heard Tommy Emmanuel playing for the first time, his overall style reminded me of a song of my childhood, which I was absolutely fond of. 'Das Loch in der Banane' by Klaus Weiland. An in-between acoustic guitar tune that was regularly played on afternoon tv. I became a Tommy Emmanuel fan in an instant and started to take the acoustic guitar more seriously.

Tommy Emmanuel effortlessly masters different playing techniques like fingerstyle, playing with thumb, thumb pick or flat pick. One of the first things that drew my attention when hearing him play were some of his tunes he played with a flat pick. I've never before heard someone keeping a strumming groove going while articulating bass and melody lines. I couldn't believe just listening to one guitar player only. I had to figure out how he did it and as an actual electric guitar player it was a start of a long journey of learning to play and think guitar differently. All compositions in this playlist are from that time and of course, they are very much inspired by Tommy Emmanuel

New String Theory

Since 2017 I produce and compose for my guitar-collaboration project New String Theory (NST). NST stands for tasty, dynamic guitar-adrenalin-driven (rock) music, never limited to the rock genre itself.

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NEW STRING THEORY / Full guitar driven HQ Rock EP Stream

Lost In Yesterdays / by New String Theory

I´ve made up my mind / by New String Theory

SMILE! / by New String Theory

NST Fotos by Mariëtte van Hees

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